How do you turn an ordinary day into a magical fairy tale and touch the rainbow? It's easy - take a handful of balloons, a bunch of colorful flowers, figures of your favorite characters and spice it up with magic pollen, glitter, joy and happiness.

We believe that even our smallest customers love all things bright, cheerful and unusual and we know how to organize this atmosphere. Here's what we use in decor:

- Floral arches, balloons, textile, garlands. It can be an interactive setup, which will be a part of the script or a stylish photoshoot area for you and your guests
- Birthday age numbers and name - bright congratulations to the birthday kid
- The figure of your favorite characters
- Balloons abstract compositions, flowers, ribbons and many other materials
- Surprise balloons and balloon fountains will not leave even adult guests indifferent and will gift a lot of smiles and new impressions.
- Sweet Kingdom, the World of Minecraft, Fairytale Princess Castle and other scripts - we are professionals in the design!
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