Show programs
Kids have unlimited imagination, where Superman can go to Elsa's birthday party, Spider-Man will find adventures in the world of Little Ponies, and Peppa Piggy will go in search of mysterious treasures. With us any fantasy will come true, because we create unique scripts according to the wishes of kids and their parents.

Bright, realistic costumes, detailed dialogues and entertainment games - an ordinary birthday party turns into an interactive theater, where the little guests are not just spectators, but the real actors. They are easily involved into the games and quests, interacting with actors and other kids.

We create scripts based on the age, hobbies and interests of the kid. It is thanks to the well-coordinated work of the organizers, entertainment team and invited actors. These people are professionals with a theatrical education. They easily cheer up not only kids, but also parents and create an atmosphere of joy and fun!
A paper disco
Dance fiercely under the colorful disco-ball is the best way to finish any party! We use paper ribbons - they are light and airy, not dusty and don’t get electrified. This is not only a disco and flying paper, but also an active game with entertainment team and competitions, which won't leave indifferent to anyone.

We don't forget the details even here: the costumes and the air gun are also decorated, every detail is an element of the decor. The paper show is more like a white fairy tale. From the beginning, kids throw paper, but by the middle of the show papers are increase more and more! of the show there is a lot of it! Then it's time to jump into paper mountains and snowdrifts, and to have paper battles - throwing paper snowballs at each other.
Pet Zoo
Whose kid doesn't have a dream to hold in his arms the cutest chinchilla or tiny rabbit, trusty hamster or guinea pig? Let your kids and toddlers learn how to communicate with pets and care for them since early age.

In big cities, kids are usually getting to know the animals on TV or on the internet. But it's much more interesting and informative to do it in real: to pat smooth animal or hold it in your arms for a photoshoot.

Most of the animals are tamed and friendly. They placed on the kid’s arms easily and have all medical certificates. Educated staff supervise playtime and ensure the safety of both for kids and animals during interaction.
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