Creative workshops are the highlight of a birthday party or any other kid's event.

The specialty of our team is to come up with individual workshops for your event, focusing on the age of the kids, the storyline and the parents' requests. For example, at a princess-themed party, the girls decorate their crown and the boys their knight's shields. In addition to unique workshops, we also arrange entertaining activities:

- Do your kids like slimes? - At the workshop they can make their own, with their favorite colors, glitter, rhinestones and flavorings.

- Creative art party - our artists will find a way to approach any kid and open the talent of the little 'creator'

- Ceramic painting. What kind of kid would refuse to make hand-painted plate or toy? During the workshop, children will realize that nothing is impossible and that there are no limits to creativity.

- Handmade decoration of a cachepot and stones. Kids decorate their cachepot with their parents and transplant a flower and decorate it with stones.

- T-shirt painting. Kids see bright colors and their favorite superheroes on their clothes. It's fun to paint on fabric and even more fun to wear because no one else will have it!

Masters bring all the props with themselves, as well as additional materials: napkins, gloves, aprons, etc.
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